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Desiree Dalton a MILF hottie from Orlando, Florida, opens this video by addressing the camera. Hey, honey, she says, I’ve decided to put on the camera, and I wanted to say hello. I know you’ve been away for a couple of weeks and I miss you, but I decided to give you a little present. Something to keep you excited while you’re away. So, what I did was, I went to the bar down the street and found this really good-looking guy, and you know how we talked about this before? Well, I brought him home, and I’m going to have you watch us fuck! Now, Desiree could have gone down to the bar and picked up a guy with an average-sized dick. But, no. Desiree threw caution to the wind and brought home big-dicked JMac! And what he does to her pussy… well, Desiree’s man better come home soon or else her sweet cunt will never snap back to average-dick size.

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